Rethinking your Teaching Space

Pedagogy - In the Classroom Masterclass Series

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This workshop will explore teaching strategies that can be employed in collaborative learning environments (physical and virtual) that suit a blended format. You will be exposed to the varied experiences students have of these spaces and what opportunities lie for you as lecturers to leverage on these spaces and experiences.

This workshop suits academics interested in the interactions between the varied physical and virtual collaborative learning spaces available across the Faculty and to rethink ways in which you and your students could work in these spaces and design them for more active and engaged teaching and learning.

Workshop activities:

  • Understand the interactions between physical (e.g., classrooms, library project rooms, social spaces, residence) and virtual spaces (e.g., LMS, social networks), formal and informal spaces, and their impact on student learning.
  • Understand the disconnect between traditional classroom spaces design and active and collaborative learning practices.
  • Apply clear, active and collaborative learning and teaching strategies and tools to your teaching.

Facilitator: Dr Angelito Calma