Raising the Bar: Supporting Teaching Renewal in Business Education

Special Event with the Reinvention Collaborative (USA)

Online via Zoom

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The WCLA was invited to participate in the Raising the Bar video series organized by the Reinvention Collaborative, a national consortium of R1/2 universities based in the USA, all of which are dedicated to innovation and excellence in undergraduate education. https://reinventioncollaborative.org/

Professor Angela Paladino, Director, WCLA will be presenting a seminar as part of this series. She will be joined by Professor Carsten Murawski (Finance), A/Professor David Byrne (Economics) and Ms. Maggie Singorahardjo (Accounting). The session will take place via Zoom at 9am on August 14. Please email fbe-wcla@unimelb.edu.au by 5pm August 13 if you would like to attend.


Transitioning teaching rapidly to the online environment has presented several lessons for the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE). To ensure teaching continuity in Semester 1, faculty were required to transfer their face-to-face classes to online in a matter of days. In addition, teaching modes consisted of lectures, tutorials, seminars and workshops, with class sizes varying from 5 to close to 2000 students. As an added complexity, our students were located across a multitude of time zones across the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. This high adoption of online teaching would never have occurred in a non-COVID environment, so this turbulent environment has presented as many opportunities as it has challenges for us.

We sought to take an evidence-based approach to improve the learning experience for our students and faculty in Semester 2. To do this, the Williams Centre for Learning Advancement (WCLA) led two rounds of feedback with faculty to learn about their experiences in transitioning their teaching and the support that they required. This was complemented by student feedback data. Together, this provided us with a robust snapshot of our challenges and helped us to focus our efforts for Semester 2.

This session provides the audience with an overview of some of our key learnings. We will share examples from teaching faculty across our different disciplines, spanning accounting, economics and finance. We will then provide an overview of the framework that we established to guide and support faculty through change, together with the resources that we developed. An opportunity for Q&A will be provided.