Public Lecture: Dr Cigdem Talgar (International Visitor)


Theatre 3, Room 205, Level 2 FBE Building, 111 Barry Street, Carlton


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Sonia Puglielli

The Future of Work: Preparing Learners for Work in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

The world of work is rapidly changing where we have an environment that places new expectations on higher education to prepare our learners for work after university. The need to rethink how we prepare our learners is a global imperative. We must move away from teaching in the absolute to teaching for change.  This requires the need to teach our learners how to self-direct their learning, to integrate their learning and to self-author their journey in meaningful ways. Experiential learning enables learners to learn how to be flexible in their application of knowledge (gained through experiences such as case studies in a business classroom or through a work experience). This lecture will take you through the larger thinking around preparing learners for the constantly evolving world of work that is augmented by AI and offering a case study for one university’s approach to address this challenge.

Biography: Dr Cigdem Talgar

Dr. Cigdem Talgar is Associate Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning at Northeastern University in the Boston, Massachusetts. A cognitive psychologist by training, her areas of expertise are in attentional processes in teaching and learning, experiential learning and educational innovation to support robust learning environments. Dr. Talgar has published on topics around high impact learning practices such as reflection, self-authorship, self-directed learning, and inquiry-based learning. At Northeastern, Dr. Talgar leads the Self-Authored Integrated Learning Initiative, an institution-wide effort to better prepare learners for a world of change augmented by artificial intelligence.  Prior to her new role at Northeastern, she has been responsible for faculty development, assessment and research into experiential learning through the development and direction of the Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning Through Research, the Academic Assessment Group, and the Research Institute for Experiential Learning Science.

Refreshments will be served after the public lecture.

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