Learning to Steward the Digital Habitat: Learnings for Business Educators

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More and more, measures of 'employability skills' of graduates include some assessment of their ability to use a range of information sources and technologies.  These activities include but are not restricted to finding scholarly literature, engaging in collaborative work, communicate ideas to a lay audience and using social media effectively. This workshop will draw on results from a research project, SPIDER (Stewarding and Power In Digital Educational Resources), which uses online student interactions as a way to understand how students work in small groups to build and negotiate their 'digital habitats'. The presenters will use these results and apply it to their own experiences of delivering business undergraduate and graduate courses (e. g., Essential Enterprise, Innovation Methods, etc.).  Here they have asked:

1.What is the actual added value of distance and blended learning to the on-campus setting?
2.How does the power of the tutor and institution, to define and limit what counts as 'acceptable' information practice, both help and hinder the students' developing their own skills?

Attendees will:
1.Discuss the research results as it applies to their own subjects
2.Propose solutions to problems they face around getting students to work more critically with digital tools, both within and beyond current assessment regimes.

Dr  Andrew Whitworth is Reader in Education at the University of Manchester, and Director of Teaching and Learning Strategy at the Manchester Institute of Education. His core research interests lie around developing digital and information literacy in both higher education and the workplace. He is the author of two books (Information Obesity, 2009 and Radical Information Literacy, 2014) and various research papers, and was keynote speaker at the European Conference on Information Literacy in 2017.

Dr Lee Webster is a Lecturer in Enterprise within the Manchester Enterprise Centre, Manchester Business School.  He delivers Enterprise units mainly using face-to-face methods as breadth courses to all undergraduate students in the University of Manchester.  These courses include Tools and Techniques for the Enterprise, Essential Enterprise, Innovation Methods and Masters Dissertations.  His research interest is in information literacy and currently is expanding on his interests through the Stewarding and Power in Digital Educational Resources (SPIDER) project.  His latest publication (Distance learning as alterity, 2017) is an outcome of this project and is part of his dissertation research.

If you would like a one-on-one appointment with Dr Andrew Whitworth or Dr Lee Webster, please email Sonia Puglielli on sonia.p@unimelb.edu.au or telephone 8344 3645.