Improving Lecture Design and Delivery

Pedagogy - In the Classroom Masterclass Series

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Are you interested in improving the way you structure your lecture? Would you like to know more about how to design effective PowerPoint slides to support your teaching? This workshop will focus on the design and structure of effective lectures and lecture materials in business education. Good practice examples will be demonstrated as part of an exploration of strategies for structuring lectures for active student learning. The workshop will also examine design principles for effective presentations, drawing on research from educational psychology (e.g. cognitive load) to highlight how presentation materials can best support student learning.

Participants will:

  • Critique examples of different ways of starting lectures
  • Revise lecture structure to maximise student learning
  • Redesign lecture slides to improve engagement
  • Create a storyboard to align lecture design with presentation materials

Participants are required to bring along the slides for a lecture they deliver in order to apply these principles to their own practice.

Facilitator: Dr Linda Corrin