Facilitating FBE Subjects

Pedagogy - In the Classroom Masterclass Series

Room 6.30, Level 6, 111 Barry Street


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Jessica Clydesdale


Traditionally, delivering knowledge via a lecture would require little or no participation from students.  As blended subjects are developed, there are considerations to how other delivery methods can enhance the learning experience for students.  This means that as an academic manages other delivery spaces, knowing when and how to switch their teaching style will be helpful.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Discuss the differences in teaching styles (lecture, facilitate, teaching)
  • Allow you to practice adjusting your teaching style based on the content.  This includes
  • Using different teaching styles for the same content
  • Adjust how the content is delivered based on a selected teaching style.

These abilities to adjust can create an engaging environment which and thus be very rewarding to your students.

Facilitator: Dr Camille Dickson-Deane & Professor Garry Twite