Designing Assessment Rubrics for Business Education

Assessment & Feedback Masterclass Series

Room 6.30, Level 6, 111 Barry Street


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Jessica Clydesdale

Assessment rubrics offer many benefits for assessing student learning in business education. Assessment rubrics help to explicitly articulate the marking criteria and assessment standards while providing consistent student feedback. This two-hour workshop will introduce you to the steps for designing assessment rubrics that align with selected subject learning outcomes for an assessment task of your choice.  Drawing on teaching and learning examples from academics across the Faculty of Business & Economics, you will be given the opportunity to work through the rubric development process so that you can begin to design or enhance your own marking rubric with the aim of making assessment marking and feedback efficient and consistent. The workshop will also provide ideas on how to convert your rubrics to e-rubrics using Grade Mark within TurnItIn and the LMS as well as the marking and feedback processes associated with the use of rubrics

Workshop delivery format: This workshop will utlise a blended delivery mode to help enrich the face-to-face two hour workshop. Prior to the face-to-face workshop participants will be invited to an online platform and provided with information, resources and a short activity which will complement the two hour face-face workshop activities and extend your learning beyond the workshop.

This workshop would suit those who have subject coordination responsibilities as well as those involved with marking student assessment and providing feedback.

**Please bring an assessment task, assignment or activity for which you will design a rubric during the workshop.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Discuss the relevance of aligning assessment tasks to subject learning outcomes in business education
  • Discuss the value of using assessment rubrics to support and guide student learning in business education
  • Compare and contrast different types of assessment rubrics across the Faculty of Business & Economics
  • Provide practical tips, strategies and templates that are useful for assessment rubric development for your subject.
  • Explore how rubrics are used to facilitate marking and feedback
  • Design and develop of assessment rubrics for a chosen assessment task in your subject
  • Demonstrate the creation of e-rubrics in TurnItIn and LMS

Facilitator: Dr Valerie Cotronei-Baird