Designing Assessment for Business Education

Assessment & Feedback Masterclass Series

FBE Building. Room TBC


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Jessica Clydesdale

This workshop will focus on the design of effective assessment in business subjects across the Faculty of Business & Education. This workshop will provide you with practical strategies to design assessment tasks relevant to business education that align with the specific aims and objectives of the overall business curriculum and the learning outcomes of your subject. You will be provided with examples of a range of assessment designs and strategies to evaluate the assessment types that best fit with your subject.

This workshop would suit those who have subject coordination responsibilities and are involved with designing assessment for a subject in the Faculty of Business & Economics. Please bring subject guidelines and/or assessment tasks which you will design for/enhance during the workshop.

Workshop Objectives:
*Discuss the purpose of assessment in higher education
*Evaluate assessment for student learning
*Discuss the relevance of aligning assessment tasks to subject learning objectives
*Compare and contrast different types of assessment tasks in business education
*Design subject-level assessment

Facilitator: Dr Angelito Calma