Cultures, Languages and History of the Chinese Speaking World

Level 2 Multipurpose Function Room (2.002), The Spot Building


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Jessica Clydesdale

Dr Fiona Swee-Lin Price is the director of Globalise Consulting, a consultancy that specialises in cultural diversity management. Her approach is practical and communication-focussed, and her particular areas of expertise include multicultural names and the cultures and languages of the Chinese-speaking world. She is an award-winning public speaker, and has been working in the intercultural field for over twenty years.

Fiona has provided consulting and training on cultural diversity for a wide range of clients, including the Adelaide Law School, the Australian Federal Police, International House New York City, Deakin Division of Student Life, the South Australian Department of Education, Carlisle Homes and 23 Australian universities.

This three hour workshop aims to deepen participants’ understanding of the cultures, languages and history of the Chinese-speaking world.

Part I examines the origins of familiar Chinese stereotypes, and outlines key broad differences between Australian and Chinese cultural values, drawing on participants’ own observations and touching on what underlies teaching challenges commonly reported by Australian educators.

Part II introduces the Chinese language, including characters, intonation and dialects, with a detailed explanation of how to pronounce and use names written in China’s hanyu pinyin system. The workshop will conclude with a comparative overview of the Chinese-speaking communities in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, and a short subtitled clip from Singapore that illustrates Chinese cultural values in action.

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*Lunch will be provided, please email any dietary restrictions.