Canvas Show and Share Seminar (Session 1)

Room 6.30, Level 6 FBE Building

Series Abstract

In the lead up to Semester One, 2020, migration to Canvas is now underway.  All academics will be using the new LMS from that point forward. With that in mind, these seminars provide an opportunity to hear from those already teaching with Canvas as well as viewing the teaching sites. Join FBE academics currently piloting Canvas as they share insights and provide us with practical advice around shifting into our new LMS.

Session 1 
Date: Thursday 14 November, 1:00pm-2:00pm
Location: Room 6.30, Level 6 FBE Building
Presenters: Derick Lyle (Acc), Matt Dyki (Acc) & Maggie Singorahardjo (Acc)

Session 2:
Date: Tuesday 19 November, 2:00pm-3:00pm 
Location: Room 6.30, Level 6 FBE Building
Presenters: Austin Chia (WCLA / M&M) and David Moreton (Eco)

Additional Resources

The WCLA has also compiled a Canvas resources page that can be found here.

The resources listed on this page include internal and external guides to using Canvas and are designed to provide support and information on the transition to Canvas and teaching in 2020.