Brown Bag Research Series - Constructive feedback opportunity for research work in progress

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Sonia Puglielli

Constructive feedback opportunity for research work in progress
Students discussing their own culture in the classroom: A case for co-creation

Creating a global curriculum for the global student, is one of the many missions of educational programs provided today.  This means that the curriculum should reflect a true representation of worldwide perspectives of any discipline being offered in a program.  Understanding the value of a perspective, as it relates to a specific topic in a discipline can provide opportunities for more knowledgeable and future-driven students.  This thus allows for access to more relevant and authentic sources of knowledge so that the current curriculum can provide meaning to all those who participate in the learning process.  This presentation presents a grounded theory investigation on how international students in Australia view the use of their own countries as representative case studies in their classrooms.  The findings suggest that this is a key opportunity for academics to consider their students as relevant and authentic living case studies who can share their knowledge and experience to enhance curriculum and its delivery.

Presenters:  Dr. Camille Dickson-Deane, Educational / Instructional Designer, Faculty of Business and Economics, The University of Melbourne.  Research interests: exploring digitial literacy in online and blended learning environments.  Associate Professor Helen Hu, Management and Marketing, The University of Melbourne. Research interests: corporate governance with focuses on board of directors, ownership structure, initial public offerings, and internationalization of Asian firms.   Dr Mollie Dollinger, Associate Lecturer, La Trobe University.  Research interests: student and staff partnership (co-creation), learning analytics, higher education policy, work-integrated learning, doctoral education, and the student experience