Alternative Teaching Resources for FBE (Self-paced)

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Alternative teaching resources are a great way for instructors to customise what their students use and how they access materials towards achieving success.  Using freely accessible resources and customising them to meet your teaching needs, as well as those of your student, is a focused way of guiding the learning in your subject. This workshop will allow you to make decisions that directly affect your teaching through the use of content that can achieve the learning outcomes.

Workshop Objectives
On completion of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Identify alternative teaching resources
  • Recognise how they can be further customised for your subject
  • Understand how alternative resources can be accessed
  • Understand who creates the resources

Register: Please register to attend via TrainME. Select "WCLA - Alternative Teaching Resources for FBE" from the Course Catalogue. Please click the following link for information on How to Enrol and Sign Up for a Session. Please contact if you wish to sign-up for a session that is already in progress.

Facilitator: Ms Miriam Edwards