Wellbeing for Teaching Remotely

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Online via Zoom

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Professional Development

Wellbeing is key to driving performance and achieving optimum potential in academics. This workshop offers critical insights into wellbeing through evidence-based teachable resilience skills for application in business education contexts. The two-hour workshop explores wellbeing science and focuses on factors that enable teaching academics in FBE to perform at their peak potential. Drawing on examples from teaching academics across FBE, this workshop offers resilience skills as pathways for cultivating optimum potential while teaching remotely. Through practical evidenced-based resources, you will learn what you can do to build wellbeing and resilience to improve your teaching while working remotely.

On completion of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the link between wellbeing and teaching effectiveness
  • Discuss the value of using evidence-based strategies to support teaching academics in business education
  • Apply evidence-based research to developing wellbeing and resilience while they teach remotely
  • Apply practical tips, templates and strategies to build and maintain wellbeing and resilience

Facilitator: Ms. Alexandra Johnston