Using Interactive Graphs to Facilitate Students’ Understanding of Economic Concepts

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During this presentation Joshua will discuss how he is enhancing students’ understanding of weekly concepts through the use of interactive graphs embedded into the Canvas teaching site. He creates these graphs using Desmos; a free suite of maths software tools, which includes a graphing calculator. To date, Joshua has developed graphs which illustrate concepts such as taxation, risk aversion, and consumer problems. While students consider these graphs in their individual study time, they also have the opportunity to discuss them outside of class using an EDstem forum (a discussion board which can handle Python programming within the posts).

Those attending this presentation will learn about Joshua’s experience of creating these graphs and facilitating the related asynchronous discussions as well as the feedback students have given him. Practical advice for those interested in doing something similar in their teaching will also be shared.

Presenter: A/Prof Joshua Miller

Facilitators: Miriam Edwards

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