Using Canvas Learning Analytics to Improve Learning

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Professional Development Workshop

Learning analytics provide academics with data about their students' online activities for the purpose of optimising the learning experience. This workshop provides participants with the foundational knowledge needed to effectively use the University’s LMS learning analytics tool (Canvas’ New Analytics). In addition, theoretical concepts and issues relating to the use of learning analytics will be covered so participants may embed such practices into their teaching plans.

Upon completing this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Access and navigate Canvas New Analytics;
  • Interpret the data and analytics made available in Canvas New Analytics to gain insights into student activity and participation;
  • Use these data and analytics to identify opportunities to modify or redesign their subject/delivery to improve student engagement;
  • Discuss various types of learning analytics;
  • Consider the advantages and limitations of learning analytics; and
  • Incorporate learning analytics into an on-going teaching plan.

Participants are encouraged to attend (on-campus or virtually) with their laptops so they may apply the ideas discussed to their own Canvas teaching site during the session.

Facilitators: Dr Andy Wear, Ms Miriam Edwards

Zoom details will be sent to registered participants. For any further enquiries, please email