Simple Things to Spark Economics Learning

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Economics is a sequential discipline, with striated levels of technical and theoretical knowledge and what we call economic intuition, or the ability to think like an economist. Ideally, the impact of our teaching is to be shown in our students’ ability to think critically, to analyze and solve simple problems, to use the tools and models in their analysis, and to expand their knowledge beyond the borders of economic subjects into daily life, where they have to make smart decisions. Over the years, many universities and departments continuously adapted their course instructions to provide students with experiential learning opportunities integrated into their curriculum. Among Lucia’s strategies to motivate and challenge students is telling stories that are often very simple, though present interesting and relevant examples also for pure theoretical classes with dry and challenging content. Lucia will present how things that relate to daily life and provoke the students’ interest help building the model, derive, and analyze problem face to face, which helps back to build economic intuition along with theory.

Bio: Lucia Vojtassak is a Senior Instructor at the University of Calgary, Canada. Over the past 20 years she has designed and delivered more than 110 offerings of 17 discrete courses and has taught more than 10,000 students. This range of courses allowed her to gain a deep understanding of the undergraduate curriculum, as well as the experiences and needs of students at different stages in their degree progression. Her teaching philosophy is predicated on a strong belief in experiential learning and mentorship and a desire to enhance the student experience.