WCLA Symposium: Elevating Teaching & Learning Experiences

Image for WCLA Symposium: Elevating Teaching & Learning Experiences

As we move towards reinvigorating the campus experience, we must consider the opportunities afforded by the Australian Universities Accord and the University of Melbourne’s Advancing Students and Education strategy. The theme of the 2023 WCLA Symposium explores how we can elevate the quality of the teaching and learning experience for academics and students in FBE in this tumultuous environment.

Although Artificial Intelligence (AI) challenges how we teach and assure our learning, it also presents distinct opportunities.  Our keynote speaker will inspire us to reconsider how we respond to this pressing challenge.

This session reviews the types of learning that are most valuable for students to prepare for intelligence augmentation in work and life. Academic integrity is key to attaining judgment, and we will discuss ways that generative AI can foster rather than undercut student development.

The symposium will include presentations, practical insights and interactive activities. The two main sessions will focus on developing innovative, high quality, relevant curriculum and how we, as teachers, can actively create a community in which our students can thrive. Our panel, a traditional highlight of the day, will feature our representatives from the university and faculty, including student representation. They will explore how the faculty could better support and recognise educational roles to create value for excellence in teaching, learning and support.

We encourage you to register your attendance. We are looking forward to seeing you on campus to join us for some or all sessions across the day. The full program will be released soon.