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Abstract: The Active Feedback Workshop is a 90-minute workshop that shares the vital elements required to enable students to write their own feedback. This method of empowering students not only increases student agency but also is reusable for lecturers and has a proven track record in increasing feedback ratings. The workshop will introduce participants to the latest research, share the tools to be able draft instructions for active feedback assignments and participants will experience writing active feedback for themselves. This workshop was presented at Leeds University Business School and received outstanding feedback. “Jenni did a fabulous job and I had great feedback from many staff about both the methodology and the delivery afterwards”, Pro Dean for Student Education, Cathy Myles.
Join Jenni in this fun and interactive workshop where she shares her good teaching practices.

Bio: Jenni is a Senior Lecturer in Accounting at Alliance Manchester Business School which is part of the University of Manchester in the UK. She has a passion for connecting to others and enjoys sharing innovative teaching ideas which can be easily implemented. She was awarded the University of Manchester Distinguished Teacher of the Year for her teaching and scholarship work in 2020. Her accounting teaching includes large undergraduate cohorts, MBA students and executives. She also teaches courses on mentoring, employability skills and emotional intelligence. She loves to empower students to be independent connected learners, and her enthusiasm for active feedback is rooted in this. She is known for her fun and interactive workshops enabling the sharing of good teaching practice so that lecturers can make the most of their teaching time with students.