Making Effective Use of Your Teaching Space (Mini course)

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Short Online Course

This workshop will help to develop the strategies to use the teaching space effectively in the collaborative learning environment (in-person and virtual) to suit the blended format. This workshop will further guide you to rethink the ways in which the teaching spaces can be designed and used to enhance the active and engaged teaching and learning experience.


Dr Angelito Calma is a Senior Lecturer in Higher Education at the Williams Centre for Learning Advancement. He designs and delivers various professional development programs to support business academics at various stages of their career. He is also responsible for managing the Faculty’s quality assurance initiatives in relation to AACSB accreditation (eg. assurance of learning). An experienced teaching and research academic, Angelito has more than 20 years of experience teaching management subjects, particularly business analysis, decision science and quantitative methods in business. His research interests overlap education and business. He has published in both higher education and business and management journals.