Short Course: Integrating Employability Skills in your Subject

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Tessa Brinley

  • Improving Teaching

Short Course "Integrating Employability Skills in your Subject"

The development of employability skills, such as communication (verbal and non-verbal), teamwork, and critical thinking skills) is an important graduate outcome and included in as learning outcomes of all subjects in FBE. The focus of this workshop is to ensure that the employability skills included in your subject guide are embedded in actual teaching and assessment practice. This workshop will provide you with the practical guidance how to give your students the opportunity to develop, practice and enhance employability skills via teaching and assessment practices in your subject.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Explain the focus on graduate employability skills development as one significant shift in the role of the university education
  • Identify the employability skills relevant to your subject in FBE
  • Integrate relevant employability skills in teaching and learning activities of your subject
  • Integrate relevant employability skills development in assessment and feedback design of your subject


Dr. Valerie Cotronei-Baird is a Senior Lecturer in the WCLA, she works directly with academics across FBE to innovate teaching and assessment practices.  Valerie makes a valuable contribution to experiential learning and authentic assessment practices and has been instrumental in the development and delivery of tutor-training program, professional development programs on teaching, learning, assessment & rubric development, and engaging students in the classroom both online and on campus.