How to Optimise your Canvas site for Student Learning

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"How to Optimise Your Canvas Site for Student Learning"

This session will introduce you to the features of the University’s LMS – Canvas – and the principles of good LMS design to ensure that you are getting the most from this online learning environment. You will be provided with some simple solutions to some of the problems that commonly beset these systems, including how they can be used to augment your in-class teaching, and how they can become more dynamic learning environments in and of themselves.

Learning outcomes:

  • Familiarity with the University’s LMS core features and capabilities.
  • Familiarity with the fundamental principles of User-experience (UX) and User-interface (UI) Design as relevant to teaching and learning
  • Identify what aspects of the University’s LMS (Canvas) you are able to modify according to UX/UI Design principles
  • Expand your knowledge regarding how Canvas can be used to augment your in-class teaching.
  • Describe the features of a digital learning environment that enhance engagement and learning
  • Apply changes to your subject Canvas site that will enhance engagement and learning


Dr. Andy Wear is a Senior Lecturer in Higher Education at the Williams Centre for Learning Advancement. He has worked in a number of Australian universities both as an academic and leading large-scale teaching and learning transformation projects, with a particular focus on digital and hybrid learning environments. He specialises in learning experience design, assessment design, digital pedagogies, philosophy of education, as well as academic leadership and development. Andy is an experienced facilitator of workshops and training supporting these capabilities.