Designing Rubrics for Business Education (Mini course)

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Short online course

Assessment rubrics play a vital role in presenting the marking criteria and assessment standards along with presenting constructive feedback ‘on’ and ‘for’ learning of knowledge and skills as a continuous process. This workshop will guide you to correlate the objectives of subject learning outcomes with the knowledge and skills expected to be developed by the assessment.


Dr Valerie Cotronei-Baird, Learning and Teaching Specialist, WCLA. Valerie is a leader in the provision of learning and teaching advice. In her role she is primarily involved in working with academic teaching staff in the skill acquisition required to innovate teaching and assessment practices. Valerie’s research includes: the integration of employability skills in the business curriculum, the professional development of academic teaching staff, assessment and assessment criteria and feedback, engaging students in the classroom, collaborative learning and team-based assignments and online delivery.