Experiential and Hands-On: Incorporating Simulations and Online Tools to Enhance Business Lessons

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Brown Bag Research Series

As business schools continue to expand their online and blended learning coursework, it is vital to understand how to incorporate experiential and hands-on learning within student cohorts in online subjects, specifically in subject offerings aiming to improve managerial judgment and decision-making. Through experiences from multiple online experiential offerings, I will draw on the experiences of using simulations and experiential learning techniques across three graduate level management subjects and share insights on enhancing experiential learning using online tools from an instructor perspective. Student perspectives will also be shared based on their experiences with simulations and experiential tools in these subjects. Finally, some lessons will be shared regarding enhancing the learning power of experiential tools in online subjects and the session will be concluded with a discussion on this topic to share how other academics have dealt with experiential learning pedagogy in online subjects. We will also discuss the potential for this topic to be a research topic with an open discussion with the audience.

Presenter:  Dr Niharika Garud, Department of Management & Marketing. Dr. Niharika Garud is a Senior Lecturer in Management at Department of Management and Marketing, Faculty of Business & Economics at University of Melbourne. She is also a Research Fellow at Centre for Asian Business & Economics and Change Management Theme Coordinator, Building CRC 4.0 initiative at University Melbourne. Niharika has extensive teaching experience of 14 years across the globe, especially in Asia, USA, and Australia, in a variety of programs, including undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs, multiple online subjects with large cohorts, executive education subjects, leadership training programs, industry and practice based offerings. Niharika deploys experiential learning pedagogy in her teaching, including simulations, experiential tools, and experiments with approaches that can increase students’ experiential learning and engagement. Niharika’s teaching interests lie in areas of management (managing individuals, teams, performance at work), organizational psychology, judgment and decision-making, technology and innovation management, decision analytics, digital transformation.