Being Bold in a Journey to Advancing Innovative Assessment in the Post-Covid 19 Era

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While educators recognise that student assessment needs to be reviewed, updated, and reconfigured regularly (Zacharis, 2010), many universities continue to assess their students only with long essays, quick presentations, and multiple-choice exams.  Trialling innovation and creativity in assessment is often associated with risks and sparks debates concerning critical parameters of effective assessment such as fairness, validity, workloads, and feasibility in large student cohorts (Sotiriadou et al., 2020). Now, more than ever, in the post-COVID 19 era, there is a greater need for educational institutions to strengthen assessment practices and make them more responsive to the learning needs of the students beyond the conventional classrooms (Toquero, 2020).

This presentation will take you through a journey from the inception of Interactive Oral (IO) assessments to their design, implementation, and evolution to become one of the most highly regarded contemporary forms of assessment design both in the Australian Higher Education sector and internationally.

Our message and evidence point toward the value of innovating in assessment, we discuss how to be bold to innovate in a ‘safe’ environment and the importance of collecting empirically-based evidence.

The trajectory of IOs as well as the effect and impact they have on hundreds of educators and thousands of students is used as our value proposition to being bold in your journey to advancing innovative assessment in the post-COVID 19 era.


Professor Ross Guest, Professor Emeritus (Economics), Griffith University, a Principal Fellow with the Higher Education Academy (Advance HE), an adjunct professor at the Australia and New Zealand School of Government, and former Dean (Learning and Teaching) in the Griffith Business School at Griffith University.  Ross was awarded a National Senior Teaching Fellowship in 2012 by the Australian Government and a Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning in 2006 and has received four Australian Research Council grants for his research on population economics.

Associate Professor Popi Sotiriadou is a Senior Fellow with the Higher Education Academy, winner of Australian and Griffith Awards of Excellence in Learning & Teaching, and she leads research grants with several partners and institutions across Australia and internationally. Popi opened-up a pathway for the design of interactive oral assessments and she led the mapping/redesigning of degrees resulting in benchmarking programs and unlocking educational benefits to students.

Danielle Logan-Fleming uses real-world experience to support Griffith Business School staff and students. She has received Group, Vice Chancellor and University awards for Innovation and Excellence in Teaching and a National Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning in recognition of the impactful Teaching & Learning projects she has led to completion.  Danielle’s areas of expertise include authentic interactive oral assessment, academic integrity, learning loss as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and curriculum development.