Vision and Mission

Our Vision

  • The Centre will guide the Faculty through major pedagogical changes, including the incorporation of information technology in teaching and learning.
  • The Centre will be the first point of call for teaching development needs for FBE staff and provided customised solutions as needed.
  • We will support the implementation of the Melbourne and FBE Vision through the establishment of new staff development programs and support staff for teaching faculty.

Our Mission

  • The Centre supports effective subject design and promotes evidence-based teaching methods for academics including sessional teaching staff, doctoral candidates and postdoctoral scholars.
  • WCLA supports and promotes graduate attribute development through the provision of innovative professional development opportunities for academics across FBE to develop as teachers, mentors and leaders of professional development workshops.
  • Guided by the University of Melbourne’s Growing Esteem and FBE’s Strategic Plan, the new centre consolidates teaching, tutoring, and technology-enabled learning programs offered across the University for FBE staff.