Domestic Visiting Scholars

2020 Domestic Visiting Scholars

  • Dr Wayne Geerling

    Wayne Geerling is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics, Monash Business School.  Wayne has taught more than 30,000 undergraduate students in his career, specialising in large undergraduate units of up to 1,000 students. Wayne’s contribution to innovation and teaching excellence has been recognised with several teaching awards at the Department, Faculty, University and National levels, in Australia and America.

    Wayne Geerling will be presenting on The Inclusive Economist: Celebrating Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Through Pop Culture. Thursday 30 July 10:30am (via zoom).  Refer to the WCLA News & Events for more details.

  • Dr Prashan Karunaratne

    Prashan Karunaratne is a Lecturer at the Macquarie Business School, Macquarie University NSW.  Prashan is an inspirational and innovative teacher of entry-level economics at Macquarie University. His enthusiasm for teaching economics, and passion for improving student outcomes, have inspired and engaged students for more than a decade. He nurtures students to develop a desire to engage in the field of economics, and is a firm believer that the learning journey benefits both teachers and students. Inspiring students to want to learn – by emphasising the ‘why’ of learning, and empowering students to navigate their own learning journey – by focusing on the ‘how’, creates valuable experiences in his classroom and beyond. This highlights the 'wow' moments that students will remember in years to come.

    Prashan Karunaratne will be presenting on Keeping Learning and Teaching in Business and Economics Education R.E.A.L. Monday 20 July, 10:30-12:00pm (via zoom).  Refer to the WCLA News & Events for more details.

  • Professor Shelley Kinash

    Professor Shelley Kinash is currently the Director, Advancement of Learning and Teaching at the University of Southern Queensland. She has spent nearly 30 years as an education scholar, leader and teacher, across two countries – Australia and Canada. Her research expertise is in employability and online learning. She leads an international community of experts in employability (TEN STARS Her 394 published works (journal papers, book chapters, podcasts …) have been downloaded 52,000+ times from 177 countries.

    Shelley Kinash will be presenting For university educators: How to embed employability and career-perspective in the curriculum.  Wednesday 29 July,  10:00-11:30am (via zoom).  Refer to the WCLA News & Events for more details.

2019 Domestic Visiting Scholars

  • A/Prof April Wright

    April Wright is an Associate Professor in Strategy at the UQ Business School, University of Queensland. April has received national recognition for her teaching and learning leadership and scholarship in large business courses, including the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management 'Management Educator of the Year' (2011) and an Award for Teaching excellence in the Australian Awards for University Teaching Excellence (2018). April is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Management Education and on the editorial board of Academy of Management Learning and Education. In addition to her research in management education, April’s disciplinary research in the area of institutional maintenance and change has received two Australian Research Council grants and been published in leading international journals, including the Academy of Management Journal.

  • Dr Amanda White

    Amanda is a Senior Lecturer in the UTS Business School and has been teaching accounting for over 15 years, specialising in auditing and assurance. She is passionate about embedding employability skill development into the curriculum, peer based collaborative learning and academic integrity. Amanda and a small team of students have created a board game on academic integrity to encourage students to better understand what practices are and are not acceptable in the academic world. Amanda is also well known for Amanda Loves to Audit - her YouTube channel with over 250 videos on auditing, over 2.2 million views and over 22,000 subscribers. She loves to help her colleagues create and share engaging educational content on a budget.

2018 Domestic Visiting Scholars

  • Professor Rod O’Donnell

    Professor Rod O’Donnell, furnished with degrees in Civil Engineering, Economics and Philosophy (including a PhD from Cambridge University), was Professor of Economics at Macquarie University for many years and is now at UTS.  Befitting his formation, he is interested in both thought (conceptual analysis) and action (practical solutions).
    His research interests in economics are broad, including the conceptual foundations of economics, different schools of economic thought, the theories and policies of JM Keynes, decision-making under uncertainty, philosophies of probability and their implications for economics, economic and political approaches to inequality, the history of economic thought, and the complexities of opportunity cost.  His research has been funded by ARC grants over 16 years.
    He is just as concerned with the teaching of economics, especially the fostering of rich sets of graduate attributes, weaknesses in current teaching methods in economics, and more horizon-expanding and motivational ways of teaching the discipline.

  • Dr Gigi Foster

    Dr Gigi Foster is an Associate Professor with the School of Economics at the University of New South Wales.  Her research into education, behavioural economics, and Australian policy is regularly covered in national media outlets and informs public debates. Her teaching, featuring strategic innovation, interactivity, and integration with research, was awarded a 2017 AAUT Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning.  She served on the National Economics Learning Standards working party, is the most junior female inaugural member of Australia’s National Economic Panel, and co-hosts The Economists, a national economics talk-radio program, with Peter Martin on ABC RN.

  • Associate Professor Lan Snell

    Associate Professor Lan Snell is the Program Director for the Global MBA at the Faculty of Business and Economics, Macquarie University. She is the academic lead for curriculum development, quality control, and the delivery of digital, integrative experiences for the Global MBA.

    Prior to her appointment at Macquarie University, Lan was the Director of Education Services and MBA Director for UTS Business School where she led the implementation of strategic educational projects in the areas of blended learning, curatorship of resources and original production, re-accreditation and development and quality assurance of the MBA.

    Lan is committed to research that delivers impact and benefit for individuals, organisations, and society. Given advances in technology have fundamentally changed the way service is delivered and experienced, Lan is curious about the role of technology-enabled services in improving individual and societal well-being. She is also interested in how firms seek service-led growth as well as understanding organisation and employee issues relevant to successful service. Lan has publications in journals including European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Services Theory and Practice, Health Marketing Services, and European Heart Journal.

  • Mr Scott Copeland

    Scott Copeland is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Commerce at the University of South Australia Business School and is course coordinator for a large first year financial accounting course. Scott has served as a member of the Business School Teaching and Learning Committee.

    Scott’s academic career has focussed on the development of high quality and engaging courses for first year accounting students studying on-campus, in distance mode and internationally.

    Scott’s research interests centre on accounting education, with a particular focus on student development as well as transition from secondary education into the tertiary sector. In 2014 Scott was elected to role of Secretary of the AFAANZ Accounting Education Special Interest Group. This research focus complements Scott’s previous career as a secondary school teacher and continuing involvement with this sector as a subject expert for Accounting working with the SACE Board.

    Scott has also worked closely with the accounting professional bodies in exploring the opportunities to encourage secondary school students to choose to further their studies in business at University.

    Workshop Slides - Why you would want to flip your classroom, how to make it work and potential traps to avoid

2017 Domestic Visiting Scholars

  • Associate Professor Alberto Motta

    Alberto Motta is an Associate Professor of Economics at UNSW Australia. He studied at Boston University and University of Padua where he received his PhD in economics. Alberto’s research focuses on developing theoretical models and applying econometric methods to study the types and features of organizational design that are most effective. His current work focuses on designing and evaluating organizational solutions for microfinance institutions, for-profit and not-for profit firms, enforcement agencies and media outlets.Alberto together with Associate Professor Isabella Dobrescu are the co-creators of UniPlay, a novel, research-driven approach to education.

  • Dr Denise Jackson

    Denise Jackson is an Associate Professor and the Coordinator of Work-Integrated Learning programs in the School of Business and Law at Edith Cowan University, Western Australia. She is the State Chair (Western Australia) for the Australian Collaborative Education Network, the peak body for WIL in Australia, and sits on the ACEN National Board of Directors. Her research interests include graduate employment and underemployment, the transition from university to the workplace, career development learning, graduate employability and work-integrated learning.