Learning Associates

The Williams Centre has appointed Learning Associates from each department within FBE. The primary role of the Associate is to act as a conduit between the WCLA and each department for teaching and learning issues to ensure the timely communication of information between the centre, departments and teaching staff.

Associates work with the WCLA to identify areas of interest and/or concern for academics in the faculty, with a view to developing targeted seminars or workshops. Other activities include the provision of a disciplinary perspective on teaching and learning matters and the promotion of activities and programs in departments. For example, the Associates assist in the promotion of Teaching Innovation Grants to departments. They are expected to raise agenda items for General Meetings of the Department to promote the activities of the Williams Centre and encourage staff participation at PD seminars and events. Learning Associates have an enthusiasm for learning and teaching and act as role models for their peers.

The Learning Associates for 2021 are: