Assurance of Learning

The Faculty of Business and Economics is strongly committed to improving student learning through assurance of learning, ensuring a sound curriculum development practice.

Assurance of Learning (AoL) is making sure that our students achieve what we say they should be able to learn and do in their programs of study. We express what we want them to be able to learn and do through our program learning goals and objectives, which then relate to each subject’s learning objectives. This also extends to other outcomes embedded within the discipline (e.g. generic skills) and the aspirations for the University of Melbourne graduates (e.g. attributes). We then ensure that our teaching and learning activities and assessments all contribute towards achieving those learning outcomes.

AoL is an outcomes-based assessment process, pursued by the AACSB, concerned with the following questions:

  1. What will our students be like when they graduate?
  2. What will our students learn in our program?
  3. How will they learn it?
  4. How will we know they have learned it or not?
  5. What will we do if they have not learned it?

Assurance of Learning Guide

Using Canvas Outcomes for Assurance of Learning 

Program goals and objectives on the University Handbook