Assurance of Learning

The Faculty of Business and Economics is strongly committed to improving student learning through assurance of learning, ensuring a sound curriculum development practice.

The Faculty's program learning goals and objectives were developed in light of the Faculty and University Mission statements with which they are aligned. Individual subject objectives have been developed which are business and economics-specific to explicitly reflect anticipated subject learning outcomes.

A curriculum mapping exercise was conducted by the Faculty to ensure that the curriculum offered across all degree programs is congruent with each program's and each subject's learning goals and objectives. As a result, a curriculum mapping database was developed which is used to identify subjects suitable for assurance of learning.

Assurance of learning is an ongoing process in the Faculty that is designed to ensure that student learning outcomes are achieved. The process reflects the commitment of the Faculty to quality student learning and continuous improvement of the curriculum.

The Centre values the support of academic staff and students who have contributed to the assurance of learning process.

What is Assurance of Learning?

Assurance of Learning (AOL) is making sure that our students achieve what we say they should be able to learn and do. We express what we want them to be able to learn and do through our program learning goals and objectives and each subject’s learning objectives. We then ensure that our teaching and learning activities and assessments all contribute towards achieving those learning outcomes.

The following document provides further details:

Assurance of  Learning