To Zoom or to MOOC? Taking your active learning subject online

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The disruptions to the 'business as usual' model of higher education in the last 12 months may have been a blessing in disguise. As educators we have had to adapt, and for those of us who practice active learning in our classrooms, the online world has become somewhat of a challenge.

This workshop will work through two approaches to transfer active learning into the online space, via a Zoom platform as well as a MOOC platform. Based on the facilitator's experience and subject design, this will be a hands-on workshop where participants will immerse themselves into online active learning, via an active learning workshop that demonstrates these techniques.  We will navigate through the Zoom approach, where a team-based active-learning-based capstone subject has been transformed to be delivered via Zoom - where teams cross continental boundaries. We will also navigate through a MOOC approach, where a large active-learning-based business subject is delivered as a suite of MOOCs reaching over a million students worldwide.  Both these approaches exists simultaneously with the fully face-to-face offering, and the resources as well as cohorts exist in a single community of learning.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own ideas and experiences to the workshop, so that we can cross-pollinate ideas to create a community of practice in online active learning.

Presenter Prashan Karunaratne is an inspirational and innovative teacher and researcher of economics and business analytics at Macquarie University. He nurtures students to develop a desire to engage in the field of economics and business analytics, and is a firm believer that the learning journey benefits both teachers and students. Inspiring students to want to learn – by emphasising the ‘why’ of learning, and empowering students to navigate their own learning journey – by focusing on the ‘how’, creates valuable experiences in his classroom and beyond. This highlights the 'wow' moments that students will remember in years to come.

Prashan’s PhD is in the field of Learning & Teaching as well as Economics, which is a nexus between the scholarship of discovery and teaching. His research has been well received by peers where his findings have been widely read and cited, and he has presented at premier conferences in his field both in Australia and overseas. The findings of his research have not only informed his own teaching practice, but he has also integrated his scholarship of discovery and teaching into several aspects of the university sector, as well as applied his scholarship of discovery and teaching beyond the university sector.

Prashan is the Course Director of the Bachelor of Commerce, and the Capstone Convenor for this degree.  Prashan received an AAUT award for outstanding contributions to student learning in 2019, and in 2020 he received the inaugural ABDC award for innovation and excellence in teaching and learning.