Questioning for Active Learning (self-paced)

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Online Professional Development Workshop

This workshop will explore some of the questioning techniques used in teaching to promote active learning in classrooms. The aim is to engage the students and sustain an active approach to learning such as moving away from a traditional ‘closed’ approach to more ‘open’ and challenging ways to raise the level of creative and innovative thought.

This workshop would suit those interested in planning questions and wish to select approaches for promoting classroom discussions. It will assist in determining the level and type of challenge you wish to set, who you will target and how will you target specific groups in the classroom.

On completion of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the theoretical underpinnings behind the use of questioning to promote active learning
  • Identify a tool box of questioning techniques, the processes involved and the benefits to student learning
  • Apply clear active learning and teaching strategies and tools to your teaching

Facilitator:  Dr.  Angelito Calma