Pop Culture Across the Business Curriculum

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Using pop culture in the classroom can invigorate classroom discussion and connect lecture material to common situations that students see played out on their laptops. There is a wide-range of media that can be used across the business discipline, including economics, finance, accounting, management and marketing. Together we’ll highlight two broad areas of using media in the classroom. The first focuses on examples of ways to integrate media you’re your assessments while the second focuses on the actual “how to” side of using media in the classroom. Examples of scenes that can be used across the curriculum include a discussion on different cost-pricing models for accounting classes, union concerns for a personnel management course, and discounting future values for a finance course.

Bio: Jadrian Wooten is an award-winning educator and researcher and currently an Associate Teaching Professor at The Pennsylvania State University. He serves as an editor for the International Review of Economics Education and  is the author of Parks and Recreation and Economics. His research focuses on teaching pedagogy as well as sports and other labor-related issues. He is deeply involved in developing teaching resources for university and high school economics instructors and is most well-known for his work on the integration of media into the economics curriculum.