Where are they now?


Ruidi Shang, Assistant Professor
Tilburg University
Completed 2017

Because of this degree, I have built a solid foundation for my academic career. The program provided rigorous research training through the combination of coursework and research. I received outstanding mentorship, as well as had opportunities to build networks with leading academics around the world.

Chao Kevin Li
Chao Kevin Li, Senior Lecturer in Accounting
University of New South Wales
Completed 2015

The Accounting PhD program at Melbourne is one of the best across the Asian countries. The embedded courses equip students with solid understanding of both accounting theories and research methodologies. PhD candidates are entitled to various funding opportunities to attend high profile international conferences. The department also supports PhD candidates to visit top business schools in the US to strengthen their research capacity.

Actuarial Studies

Navin Ranasinghe, Quantitative Analyst
UBS Investment Bank, London
Completed 2017

I think that completing a course work component ensures that you have the underlying skills necessary to understand, and contribute to, your chosen field. At the start of any PhD, it is important to build up a deep understanding of the relevant methods and results, and having a more structured approach can certainly help. Course work gives a greater breadth of knowledge, which is useful throughout a future career in academia or industry.

Dan Zhu
Dan Zhu, Associate Professor of Actuarial Studies
Monash University
Completed 2016

I studied a PhD in the field of Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Studies within the department of Economics. During the graduate program, I had the opportunity to explore across interesting disciplines offered by a group of world-class researchers. As a graduate student, my supervisors made me feel that I am actually an important part of the team and the work I do matters! One of my most memorable moments was the acceptance of my paper by an A* Journal, which gave me the confidence needed in the final year of my PhD for seeking a career as an academic.


Andrea La Nauze
Andrea La Nauze, Lecturer in Economics
University of Queensland
Completed 2016

The combination of rigorous core training, practical field courses, stellar supervision and an active research culture at Melbourne not only helped me become a well-rounded researcher and get a job in academia, it has also helped me in my new role as a graduate instructor and adviser to new researchers.

Colette Marais, Executive Manager
Completed 2014

I am part of a team that uses advanced statistical and machine learning techniques applied to big data problems.  My primary role is the analysis to drive business value, and to reveal actionable insights.  It involves championing the use of advanced statistical and and machine-learning techniques, and using the resulting information across Telstra to inform decision-making and strategic actions.

Shawn Tan
Shawn W. Tan, Senior Economist
The World Bank
Completed 2013

After completing my PhD at Melbourne Uni in July 2013, I joined the World Bank Young Professionals Program as an Economist and have worked on various projects on the topics of international trade and firm capabilities. For the last three years, my projects have focused on the countries in the Eastern Europe and Western Balkans region. The PhD gave me a strong foundation of economic theory and empirical techniques to tackle the development questions in these countries. The PhD cannot provide all the knowledge for the job (and it never will) but the process of researching my dissertation, along with the great supervision from my PhD advisor, gave me the confidence and a framework to learn about new topics and techniques.


Michelle Zhou, Debt and Alternatives
Future Fund
Completed 2016

My degree has equipped me with first-class, advanced quantitative skills - a prerequisite for my role, where I provide high-level quantitative analysis in order to support investments decisions. I have built a solid background in economics and finance, allowing me to develop systematic approaches to analysing complex economic themes.


Markus Goelz
Markus Goelz, Cabin Program Manager
A320 Family at Airbus
Completed 2015

I currently work as a Lead FAL Customer Manager for the A320 Family at Airbus. In addition, I am the fleet manager for China Southern and Vietnam Airlines. In both roles I am the primary interface between our customers and Airbus during the final assembly line (FAL) and the delivery phase. My job requires a high degree of coordination between our various internal departments (such as sales, contracts, quality, engineering and production line), airworthiness authorities, and customers from all around the world. The PhD has equipped me with the skills to analyze the various situations I face every day and to quickly ponder different approaches in order to find solutions to the satisfaction of both Airbus and our customers.

Kohyar Kiazad
Kohyar Kiazad, Associate Professor in Management
Monash University
Completed 2010

The PhD program lay the foundations for my academic career: the rigorous coursework program advanced my research skills, I developed lasting connections to world-leading mentors and scholars, and the program helped me to form my research identity. I also had fun, and developed some great friendships with my PhD colleagues!


Timothy Hill
Timothy Hill, Lecturer in Marketing
University of Bath
Completed 2016

I couldn’t have asked for a better academic training. The gold-standard level of research and teaching that stems from the Faculty made the leap into higher education less difficult than it could have been. Through hands-on supervision, teaching opportunities, and a diverse student cohort, the PhD program provides an exceptional platform from which to launch an academic career.

Davide Orazi
Davide Orazi, Lecturer in Marketing
Monash University
Completed 2016

This degree has allowed me to master the quantitative and communication skills required by today's hyper-competitive academic market. A research-oriented approach, coupled with coursework and exposure to world-class academic visitors, proved invaluable to move to the next stage of my career.

Richard Gruner
Richard Gruner, Senior Lecturer in Marketing
University of Western Australia
Completed 2011

I can say with certainty I would not be here if not for the exceptional PhD and post-doc experience at Melbourne. When starting out on the PhD program, I was convinced that I would resume my career in the media industry once completed. But with the years going by, it became increasingly clear to me that this wouldn’t be happening any time soon, if ever.