What can I study at Melbourne?

Maximise your time in Melbourne by exploring new areas of study including Australia-based subjects, or disciplines not available at your home institution.

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Asian Business and Management

For those interested in developing a sound understanding of the policies governing the world trade and investment system, with a particular focus on the Asia-Pacific region.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Develop the knowledge and skills required for the future of work by gaining a solid understanding of the foundations of entrepreneurship and innovation. Learn how to generate ideas, analyse the market and create value by developing solutions to address customer needs.

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All subjects

Some of the subjects listed above may have prerequisites or may only be offered in one academic semester. Click the links above to the subject handbook page to find out if there are any prerequisites and to check which semester the subject runs in.

You can also visit our handbook for more subjects available to Exchange and Study Abroad Students.

Visit the Handbook

Tips and tricks for searching the Handbook:

  • Ensure you tick  'Are available to exchange or study abroad students' under Advanced fields
  • All BCom subject codes include a 10000-30000 number, denoting the level of the subject. For example, ACCT20001 is a level 2 undergraduate Accounting subject. Honours subjects contain a 40000 number (e.g. FNCE40004)
  • Subject codes for BCom disciplines start with the following discipline codes:
    • Accounting - ACCT
    • Actuarial Studies - ACTL
    • Econometrics - ECOM
    • Economics - ECON
    • Finance - FNCE
    • International Business - IBUS
    • Marketing - MKTG
    • Management - MGMT
  • For details on subjects that are restricted for Exchange and Study Abroad students, please see the Faculty Specific Requirements and Restrictions.