Scavenger Hunt - Prest

BCom Scavenger Hunt

Joining Instructions

STEP 1: Download the app here, or

Search: Mobile Adventures

Prest QR Code

STEP 2: Enter game code: 2030 6916 9941

STEP 3: Ask your team's Student Ambassador or Peer Mentor for your team code.

STEP 4: Take a selfie, enter your name and join

How to Play

  1. Review the route and task information provided.
  2. As you complete each task, the next stop will become available on the map.
  3. Each task or clue can be completed at the destination. You can access the campus map at
  4. Try to complete as many tasks as possible.
  5. Complete all the stops and tasks as fast as you can, as the 2 highest scoring groups on each route to reach their final destination will win a prize!


Information and Help

How to Find Your Locations:

To find your way to each stop during the scavenger hunt, you can use the following resources:

  • Your route and task information, which will provide you with the locations of each stop and the tasks you need to complete.
  • The campus map, which you can access at Use the map to find your way to each stop.

In Case of Emergency:

If you encounter an emergency during the scavenger hunt, it is important to take immediate action to ensure your safety:

  • If you are in immediate danger, call emergency services by dialling 000.
  • If you need safety assistance on campus, contact University Security at any time by calling 03 8344 6666 or 1800 246 066 (free call).

What to Do if You Get Separated from Your Group:

If you get separated from your group during the scavenger hunt:

  • Try to find a member of your group who you know is nearby.
  • Check your route and task information to see where you are supposed to be going next.
  • Use the campus map to find your way to the next stop.
  • If you can’t re-join your group or continue to participate, make your way to your final destination as noted on your lanyard.