FBE Spots To Be Tour

Welcome to the FBE Spots To Be Tour!

As part of your orientation program, you are invited to join the FBE Spots To Be Tour.

Based on compiled student suggestions, you'll be guided by student ambassadors on a 15 minute tour of some of the best places to eat within walking distance from The Spot.

Please meet with your Ambassadors at 12:45 PM after your Program Director Briefings to begin the tour!

After the tour you all will head to the Woodward Conference Centre at the Law Building for the MBS Community Lunch.

Master of Entrepreneurship Students

  1. For Master of Entrepreneurship students, please look out for your Student Ambassadors (with signs corresponding to your Program and lanyard) outside of the theatres to go directly to your campus tours after your MBS Essentials session at Copland or Prest theatre. Your tours will last 45 minutes and follow a different route.
    • After the tour you will head to the Woodward Conference Centre at the Law Building for the MBS Community Lunch.

The FBE Spots To Be Tour will take about 15 minutes to complete.

Below is a map of the route and stops you will be visiting:

Stops Information

Start: The Spot

The Spot is the hub for business and economics.

Stop 1: Books n Bites Café and 226 Jubang 226 Sushi

Books n Bites Café is a cosy coffee and bakery right around the corner from The Spot and 226 Jubang 226 Sushi is a hidden gem for Japanese food.

Stop 2: Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters

Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters is considered to be some of the best coffee in Melbourne.

Stop 3: Flovie Florist Café

Flovie Florist Café combines a florist and café for a gorgeous spot to grab a coffee.

Stop 4: Queensberry Hotel

Queensberry Hotel is an old pub built in 1854 which is still a great place to grab a parma or a steak.

Stop 5: Harehuya Pantry

Hareruya Pantry is an outside facing specialty Japanese store.

Stop 6: Briscola Café

Briscola Café is known for its great selection of panini and for being a convenient length from campus.

Finish: The Law Building

The building that houses the prestigious Law School, and lectures from other faculties. It is also home to the Woodward Conference centre on the top floor, and the Law library which spans 3 levels.