Week 8-10

Good to Know

  • Faith and Sprituality

    Keep the faith on campus with our ranges of services.

  • Ask Uni Melb

    Got a random question, just ask. Ask.unimelb has a pretty impressive database that covers the most frequently ask questions. And you can always start a chat session with a real live person too.

  • Exploring Melbourne

    Melbourne, what an amazing city. But where do you start? Check out this website for ideas.

  • Internships

    Itching to get out into the real world and put those commerce skills to the test, why not start with an internship?

  • Melbourne Microfinance Initiative

    Feel like making a difference? Why not volunteer with the Melbourne Microfinance Initiative? Affiliated with the Faculty of Business and Economics, it’s the place to connect and challenge yourself. Who knows, you might help solve some pretty serious issues.

Case Competitions

Time to test out those Commerce skills? No better way than a case competition. Work on real life problems from real life companies and you could win some real-life cash! Not to mention the International Case Comps that could see you in Spain or Canada battling it out on the world stage.

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