Week 5-7

Good to Know

  • Meetups Melbourne

    Looking for life outside UoM, check out Meetups Melbourne. A great way to meet people, experience Melbourne and do something challenging or completely outrageous, within reason.

  • Safer Communities

    The University of Melbourne campus should be where you can consider a safe place. If something or someone has made you feel uncomfortable or even worse, report this behaviour because it’s not tolerated. Even if you just want an escort across campus, contact Safer Communities.

  • Study Abroad / Exchange

    The world awaits! Study Abroad and Exchange are just the ticket to a whole new study experience - pun intended.

  • Finances

    Managing money can be a challenge, especially with competing demands like fees and basic living expenses. But it doesn’t all have to be bad. Our Financial Services team can give you advice and maybe even a loan because, you know, adulting is hard.

Academic Consultation Hours

Sometimes it is best to talk to the expert if you are struggling with a concept or just need clarification. Check your tutors’ consultation hours, usually in LMS and have a chat.