Week 2-4

Good to Know

  • Special Consideration

    We all know that out of the blue, life can throw some crazy things at us. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes not so good. That’s where special consideration comes in. When there are circumstances beyond your control, like illness or the loss of a loved one, special consideration is here to help but make sure you watch this video to understand the application process and documents you will need.

  • Applying for extensions

    So, it’s getting to that time when you need to submit your first assignment. Most likely, you will need to submit it through LMS, but what if all of a sudden you get sick. You need just a little more time to get it done. No problem, you can apply for an extension by either applying directly to the faculty or special consideration. Just check the info to make sure you pick the right one.

  • Employment Fundamentals

    Stand out from the crowd and hit the ground running with a deeper understanding of the work environment. Offered exclusively for University of Melbourne students, the Employment Fundamentals online series was created to complement your undergraduate degree and to provide you with additional skills to set you apart from other graduates.

  • Counselling and Psychological Services

    Something getting you down? Dealing with some heavy issues? Have a confidential chat with someone at our Counselling and Psychological Service. No judgement here.

  • Health Service

    Ate some left over left overs, fell off your hoverboard, broken out in purple spots? Maybe see one of our doctors. A range of health services are available for whatever ails you.

Withdrawing from subjects

For whatever reason you realise that you can’t finish a subject, we get it, stuff happens. What happens next though is all about the timing. Like, you can withdraw yourself from a subject up until a certain date. If you withdraw before census date (31st March for Semester 1 subjects) it will be like you were never enrolled. It does not appear on your transcript and you won’t pay fees for the subject. If you withdraw after census but before 10th May, the subject will appear on your transcript as WD (withdrawn) it means you will still be liable for the fees but won’t receive a fail grade. Withdrawals after 10th May will only be granted through Special Consideration.