Week 1

Good to know

Good to Know

  • Open Access Student Computing Spaces

    Finding the perfect place to study, just got easier. Check out these locations.

  • LMS Access

    Think of the LMS as social media for your subject. See announcements, learn about assessments, check your subject guide, catch up on lecture notes and most importantly, submit assignments.

  • Lost on Campus

    Got to get to The Spot for a lecture but don’t even know what it is (Hint, it’s the spotty building). Check out this super helpful app.

  • Clubs and Societies

    Feel like hanging out with people that speak commerce? Check out our clubs and societies. (Looks good on your resume too.)

  • A-Z University Terms

    So many acronyms! And what on earth is breadth? This list will have you speaking Uni Melb in no time.

  • Diversity

    A different kind of normal. And while being you is awesome, sometimes you might need a little support to help remind you.

  • Wi-Fi

    Let’s face it, it’s the life blood of the modern world. Get connected and feel the Wi-Fi following, connecting the campus.

  • Library Business Resources

    Think a Library is just some dusty old building full of books. Think again! The Giblin Eunson Library is the home to the Business and Economics collections. Their website keeps you up to date with the latest industry news and trends. Make sure you check out their amazing databases but most important of all, sign up for one of their workshops.

Last date to self enrol

Let’s say you’ve picked a breadth subject but realise after the first tutorial that it’s not your thing.  Are you in stuck there all semester? Nope, you can change your enrolment yourself for Semester 1 subjects up until 15th March. After that date, it gets a bit tricky. You will need to submit an enrolment variation form and usually you’ll need the new subject coordinator’s permission.