Global Management Consulting - November 2020

MGMT30017 Global Management Consulting is a third year capstone subject that gives you the opportunity to gain industry experience in an international setting. Global Management Consulting is held in a range of global locations including cities in Europe and the UK, Asia and North and South America.

Students taking part in the November intake of Global Management Consulting will travel to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Vancouver, Canada.

  • About Global Management Consulting

    Global Management Consulting allows Bachelor of Commerce students to:

    • Develop practical business competencies in an international setting;
    • Link with companies on projects related to their discipline;
    • Experience the culture, society and business practices first hand whilst applying your business and management skills

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  • Key Dates

    To take part in Global Management Consulting, these are the key dates you need to be aware of:

    Please note that these dates are compulsory and all students who are given an offer for the Global Management Consulting subject are expected to participate in all of these activities. If you know in advance that you won’t be able to commit to one or more of these dates, or if you are applying for an exchange or internship program that coincides with these dates, please do not apply.

    Applications openMonday 18 May 2020
    Applications close Sunday 28 June 2020
    Applicants shortlisted and group interviews take placeWednesday 29 July and Thursday 30 July  2020
    Latest date for applicants to know the outcome of the selection processMonday 3 August 2020
    Offer acceptance due dateSunday 9 August  2020       
    Deposit due dateSunday 9 August  2020
    Fee balance due dateMonday 24 August 2020
    Compulsory logistics briefing Wednesday 2 September 2020
    Compulsory pre-departure seminar Saturday 21 November 2020
    In country datesTuesday 24 November – Thursday 10 December 2020
    In country preparation seminar Wednesday 25 November 2020
    In company dates Thursday 26 November – Wednesday 09 December 2020
  • Selection Criteria

    Global Management Consulting is available as an elective to all Bachelor of Commerce students from all majors or as part of the management major.

    We are looking for a diverse group of students who will be ambassadors for the University of Melbourne. Entry is competitive as there are only 20 places available for each location. The below criteria should help you determine whether you would be a strong candidate for Global Management Consulting:

    • Your Weighted Average Mark (WAM) is 65% or higher. Due to limited spaces, entry into Global Management Consulting is competitive. The minimum average grade requirement is 65% and the Selection Committee considers the following when allocating places
      • Academic Performance and overall WAM
      • Personal statement
      • Interview performance
      • An overall match of skills, experience and interests to the available project
    • You have completed the following at the commencement of the subject:
      • A minimum of 175 points total
      • MGMT20001 Organisational Behaviour
    • You have not previously taken MGMT30012 Management Consulting or MGMT30017 Global Management Consulting.
  • How much will it cost?

    In addition to the standard University subject fee, there will be an additional GMC fee between $1450 and $2500 to be confirmed.

    What is included?

    • 16 nights bed and breakfast accommodation (in min. 3* equivalent accommodation based on a twin share, air-conditioned, ensuite room.)
    • Sightseeing/cultural tour
    • the University of Melbourne also offers a complimentary standard travel insurance.

    What is not included?

    • International airfare
    • Lunch, dinner and spending money
    • Local transportation
    • Visa (if required)
    • Additional personal insurance
  • Grants, Scholarships and Funding

    The following funding options are available to eligible students.

    Faculty of Business and Economics Travel Grant

    All students who receive a place and successfully enrol in the GMC November will be eligible for the $1,000 Global Management Consulting Travel Grant to assist with costs. Students do not need to apply separately for this grant.

    OS-HELP loans

    OS-HELP loans are available to students enrolled in a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) in a degree course who want to undertake part of their study overseas.

    Financial Aid

    Financial Aid is a valuable resource for students - they can assist with budgeting, advice on different sources of funding, and loan funds to students with zero interest and flexible repayment options to support this program.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Which is better, the GMC or an internship?
    It depends what your goals are.  The GMC will offer you the chance to gain real work experience while working on traditionally a higher-level project than what an internship usually offers.


    How many applicants usually apply for the GMC?
    There are usually at least double the number of applicants to available places. There are 20 places per city per intake.

    I will be on exchange during the semester prior to the commencement of GMC. Am I still eligible to apply?
    No. Students who are on exchange in the semester immediately prior are often unable to attend the compulsory pre-departure seminar. In addition, credit for the exchange subject would not usually be finalised prior to commencement of GMC, resulting in students potentially undertaking GMC without having met the pre-requisites.

    You shortlist students for interview based on their academic average, what is the minimum academic average required?
    The minimum average that we require from all students taking part in the consulting subjects is 65%.  However, as we have a fixed number of students that we interview for each program, the academic average cut off changes every time (depending on who applies) and is often higher than 65%.  We encourage you to apply for the program if you have a 65% or higher academic average.

    What are you looking for in the interview?  How is it structured?
    Small groups of 6 students will be interviewed together, facilitated by a panel of Academics and the Industry Programs Consultant.  The panel will be looking for communication and team skills as well as strategic and analytical thinking.


    Can I choose my team mates?  Can I choose the company or project?
    No, you will be allocated to your team and the company with a specific project.  We consider a range of factors when allocating teams, such as a balance of disciplines/majors and gender within a team; alignment of specific skills to projects and if you have indicated a specific area of interest.

    When will I be told what team and project I am allocated to?
    Because the projects need to be timely and relevant to the organisations, we can’t tell you which team and project you are allocated to until just prior to travel.


    I have family that live in the GMC city. Can I stay with them during the GMC or do I have to stay at the organised accommodation?
    No, due to the intensive nature of the subject and because a lot of the teamwork happens during the evenings or late into the night, students must stay at the organised accommodation.

    Can I pay an additional cost and have my own single room?
    No, package costs have been worked out based on twin share rooms with accommodation secured up to six months in advance. Single rooms are not practical for the remaining students who may not wish to pay extra for a single room, nor can the availability of additional rooms be guaranteed.

    I have a friend of a different gender, can we request to share a room?
    No, whilst we understand there are close friendships between students, accommodation bookings and package costs are based on twin share rooms. Mixed gender twin share rooms are not practical for the remaining students who may not wish to share with a student of a different gender.

    Can my partner/friend accompany me while I am taking part in GMC?
    No, this is an intensive two week for-credit subject which requires you to be available to work with your team for the duration of the program.  You can travel with your partner/friend prior to or after the completion of the program.

  • Information Session
    Date:Tuesday 19 May 2020
    Time: 12.00pm - 1pm
    Location: FBE Building, Level 2, Theatre 2

    Bookings are essential. A registration link will be posted here closer to the time.

  • Apply Now

    Applications open on Monday 18 May 2020. An application form will be posted here on the day.

  • Contact Us

    If you have any questions about Global Management Consulting please send an email to:

  • Preparing your Application

    The University offers a range resources, workshops and information sessions to assist you with preparing a quality CV, strengthening your interview skills and much more. Places are limited and sessions fill quickly so book early.

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