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Get involved in the University community with a wide range of Student Life initiatives and events including peer mentoring and academic advising programs.

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There is so much to get involved in outside the classroom at the University of Melbourne. The Faculty of Business and Economics offers a range of free student programs to help you manage the transition into life at University, get involved in the community and make friends!

From meeting a peer mentor on your first day at Uni, to partnering with an Academic to discuss coursework, Student Life has all your needs covered.

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Peer Mentoring Program


As a new student within the Faculty of Business and Economics, you will be matched with a senior University of Melbourne student and group of fellow commencing students, who will help you navigate the first few months of life at University.

Your mentoring group will provide support and friendship, and refer you to University services that will help you succeed in your university journey and enable you to feel more connected to the wider community. You will meet with your mentoring group on a regular basis throughout the semester, allowing you to form new connections and share your experiences.

Commencing your studies while remaining physically distant presents particular challenges. Your mentoring group will provide a chance to connect on an informal basis with other students in your course to ensure your experience is positive and engaging.

Download the my.uniLife app to chat to your group members and prepare for your first session!


For further information, you can also visit Melbourne Peer Mentoring Program.


Becoming a Peer Mentor in the Faculty of Business and Economics represents an exciting opportunity to give back to the Faculty and wider University community.

As a mentor, you will help to create connections between commencing students by passing on the knowledge that you have developed throughout your journey at the University. You will help new students to make friends, find their way around campus and more.

Mentoring will develop your leadership and communication skills, which are in high demand in the modern workplace. You will be supported as a mentor by an experienced group of Peer Leaders and the FBE Student Life Team.

The perks?

  • Your efforts as a Mentor will be recognised as part of the Leaders in Communities Award
  • Make new friends and help new students find their feet in the first few months of their university journey
  • Develop leadership and communication skills which are in high demand in the modern workplace
  • Gain a deeper understanding of cultural differences and diversity

Applications to become a mentor are now open and close on 29 June.

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For further information, you can also visit Melbourne Peer Mentoring Program.

Academic Advising Program

What is Academic Advising?

The Faculty of Business and Economics Academic Advising Program is an exciting opportunity for you to build a professional relationship with experienced Academics and receive personalised academic advice over the course of your degree.

How does it work?

In semester 2 of your first year, you will be matched with an accomplished academic in the Faculty and participate in a group session with 5-10 of your peers. You will have the opportunity to discuss your course options, seek personalised advice from an experienced professional and find out more about what’s on at the University. In second year, you will have two 1-on-1 meetings with your Advisor to discuss your personal career aspirations and find out more about the co-curricular activities you can be part of at university that will help you build your skillset and confidence.

What are the benefits?
  • Receive personalised Academic advice to support your wellbeing, progress and success
  • Get help selecting subjects to customise your Bachelor of Commerce experience
  • Seek guidance through processes such as internships, academic pathways and more
  • Find out how to connect with the wider University community and events
  • Increase your skillset and set clear goals while you study

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Meet the Team

Student Life Team

Our Student Life team are here to help you navigate your University experience and make sure you get the most out of your time at the University of Melbourne. The team can answer all your Uni life questions and point you in the direction of a variety of student services available to you.

Peer Leaders

Our amazing Peer Leaders are here to support FBE mentors. They have firsthand experience as mentors in a variety of programs and can provide guidance and valuable information to help develop facilitation, leadership and teamwork skills whilst having fun in the process.

Academic Advisors

Every B Com student will be matched with one of the Faculty’s esteemed academics so you can make a connection with them throughout each year of your degree. Your academic advisor will talk you about your interests, career pursuits, and aim to ensure you have the opportunity to feel ready to step into the workforce at the end of your studies.

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