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What is CMCE10001 Sustainable Commerce all about?

This is a new subject designed to get your BCom studies off to a good start. We’ll be learning about business sustainability for a start, but we’ll also be learning about the six Commerce disciplines (Accounting, Actuarial studies, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing). In particular, we will focus on how they function together to address business sustainability issues. This will help you to see the bigger picture of how businesses operate before you delve into the detail of these disciplines in your other subjects. It may even help you to identify which major(s) you want to do in your BCom!

The purpose of CMCE10001 Sustainable Commerce is:

  • To introduce you to the idea that business sustainability is a broad and important concept to understand and think about in all aspects of your studies in the BCom. It's not just about the environment - although that is very important!
  • To introduce you to nature of the BCom disciplines. This will help you to make sense of all the other subjects you study and how they form part of a larger understanding of doing business in the world.
  • To introduce you to how we work and study at UniMelb. The Joining Melbourne Modules are designed to help you to understand your place as a student at UniMelb and how you can contribute to the vibrant and diverse culture we value so highly.
  • To equip you with some academic skills that you will need through your whole degree. The way we do our work at university is different from what you did at school. We will teach you some skills around research, referencing, and writing for different purposes and audiences.
  • To encourage and challenge you to start thinking...about everything! We are here to help you learn how to be an independent thinker and learner. University is a place to explore and play with ideas and we hope you enjoy thinking about all the ways you can use your knowledge for yours and others’ benefit, and to make a positive impact in the world.

Most of what we do in Sustainable Commerce will be interactive. There are some online modules to do, but the real learning (and fun) happens in the classroom.

We are all looking forward to teaching this exciting new subject and we hope you are looking forward to getting started in your BCom by jumping straight into some of the most interesting and challenging business problems in the world today: sustainability in commerce. See you there!

- The Sustainable Commerce teaching team

Meet the Team

There is a wealth of experience and knowledge driving CMCE10001 Sustainable Commerce to ensure students receive the best and most engaging first year experience! This is the first time the Faculty has co-designed and co-delivered a first-year subject that spans the six disciplines, and a team of teaching excellence has been curated just for you. For some insight into some of the team, read on below.

Subject Coordinator, Professor Michael Davern
Chair Of Accounting And B.I.S.

Professor Michael Davern, BCom (Hons), PhD, FCPA, holds the Chair of Accounting and Business Information Systems at The University of Melbourne.  For over 30 years, both in Australia and internationally (New York University, University of Minnesota), he has led industry engaged research projects in data analytics, business intelligence, financial reporting, risk management, data governance and ethics. His work has included engagements  with the Australian Accounting Standards Board, CPA Australia, EY, Microsoft, NAB, PETRONAS, and Telstra, among others, and led to over 50 published academic papers and industry reports.

With substantial board level experience with several privately held entities and in the not-for-profit sector, Michael is a sought-after speaker for executive education and industry forums.  A member of CPA Australia’s Centre of Excellence for Digital Transformation, Michael’s extensive academic career builds on prior professional experience with PwC and Rio Tinto, and combines expertise in accounting, Information Technology, and decision sciences.

Michael is passionate about creating and delivering unique and meaningful experiences for students and cannot wait to share CMCE10001 Sustainable Commerce with you all.

Lecturer, Mr Paul Wiseman

Paul is a lecturer in the Faculty of Business and Economics and a researcher in higher education. Paul holds a Bachelor of Business (Management) and a Bachelor of Business Honours (Management) and is currently completing a PhD in higher education at the Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education at the University of Melbourne. 

Paul has taught in management, human resource management, organisational behaviour, and management consulting, and has project management experience in both the public and private sectors. His key areas of interest in commerce are employee motivation, work engagement, and business education. Paul's teaching and research interests are student engagement in learning, collaborative learning environments, inquiry-based learning, and work integrated learning. 

Paul's doctoral research focuses on the cognitive, emotional, and behavioural aspects of how university students engage in learning in technology mediated learning environments. This research explores interactions between student engagement and self-regulated learning, investigating the effect these have on students' learning outcomes and psychological wellbeing.

Paul is excited to be driving the delivery of CMCE10001 Sustainable Commerce and looks forward to meeting you all.

Sample Study Plans

Please see some sample study plans below. You can create your own using the My Course Planner.

If you need course planning assistance, please contact Stop 1 for comprehensive advice.

Comprehensive BCom and major information can also be found in the BCom Planner.

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Accounting Study Plan

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Finance Study Plan

Management Study Plan

Marketing Study  Plan

Accounting and Finance Study Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is CMCE10001 Sustainable Commerce compulsory?

    Yes – this is also noted in the Handbook.

  • How do I enrol in the subject?

    Students will be automatically enrolled.

  • I commenced the Bachelor of Commerce in midyear 2021, do I still have to/ can I do the discovery subject in Semester 1 2022?

    No, CMCE10001 Sustainable Commerce will only be required for students commencing from Semester 1 2022.

  • Can I apply for advanced standing for this subject?

    Students who are commencing with 100 credit points or more are eligible for a non-credit exemption. This will be managed at the time of application.

  • How do I resolve a clash the Discovery Subject has with one of my major core subjects?

    Students are to complete a Timetabling Assistance Form (TAF)

  • To whom do I speak regarding timetabling concerns?

    Speak with Stop1 who will be able to assist in the first instance.

  • Can I withdraw from the subject?

    No, students must remain enrolled. Students who are experiencing issues or concerns with continuing in the subject should seek a Course Planning appointment.

  • How will the subject be assessed?

    Please peruse the Handbook page for assessment details. This is a graded subject.