I’ve just finished year two of the B Com. What subjects should I enrol in for 2020?

If you wish to gain accreditation alongside your Actuarial studies within your Bachelor of Commerce, you are required to complete the following Level-3 Actuarial Subjects;

Semester 1

ACTL30001 Actuarial Modelling I

ACTL30002 Actuarial Modelling II

ACTL30007 Actuarial Modelling III

ACTL30008 Actuarial Analytics and Data 1

Semester 2

ACTL30003 Contingencies

ACTL30004 Actuarial Statistics

ACTL30006 Intermediate Financial Mathematics

However, if you are only intending on completing a major in Actuarial studies (without accreditation) you will only need to complete at least 3 of the above subjects.