Annual Honours Research Essay Kinsman Studentship and Kinsman Prize


The aim of this scholarship is to encourage honours students to develop their research essay so that it can be published in a refereed journal. Some essays require additional analysis, collection of additional data, or the refinement of the conceptual framework, while others may require rewrites. An additional objective of the scheme is to further develop the student's research skills and increase the possibility that the student may choose to undertake a research-based postgraduate degree. The scholarship requires the student to work jointly with a supervisor/advisor.


  • The scholarship is $1500, payable in three instalments
    • The supervisor/advisor is responsible for determining when instalments are paid.
  • The three best research papers supported under this scheme – one each from Accounting, Economics and Finance – will receive a prize. The prize is to be funded from the Kinsman Fund (see Statute 10.3 and Trust Record) and will be known as the "Kinsman Honours Research Essay Prize ('department')". The value of each prize will be $500.


Applicants must have completed an honours degree at the Faculty of Business and Economics

Application Process

The online application should be submitted by the student and include the following:

  • An abstract of the research essay
  • A statement from the student identifying why they wish to apply
  • A statement from the supervisor/advisor as to the merit of the essay, the potential for the essay to result in a publishable paper (including mark awarded to the essay) and the title of the targeted journal
  • A signed declaration from the Head of Department indicating that:
    a. The student has been given a copy of the University's Code of Conduct for research; and
    b. The issue of collaboration and authorship has been discussed and agreed upon between the supervisor/advisor, student and Head of Department. This statement should also contain the signatures of both student and supervisor/advisor.

Kinsman Studentship Declaration

Code of Conduct for Research

Care should be taken to ensure that The University of Melbourne Code of Conduct for Research is not breached. In the event of a disagreement arising over joint authorship, or any other aspects of the collaboration, the student should first seek assistance from the Head of the Department. If the Head is unable to resolve the problem, the matter should then be referred to the Faculty's Associate Dean (Research).

Selection process

The criteria to be used in the selection process will include:

  • Quality of the research essay
  • The potential for the essay to result in a publishable paper.

Outcome of application

Successful students and supervisors/advisors will be notified by the Secretary of the Research Committee. The first two payments will be made on advice from the supervisor/advisor that the student is making progress; the third payment will be made on receipt of a paper ready for submission to a journal.


If you have any further questions about this scholarship please contact us.

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