PhD theses

Recent Completions

November, 2010 - Congratulations to Yang Yang Chen for successfully completing all requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy with the thesis title Institutional Ownership and Firm Cash Holdings.

August, 2010- Congratulations to Chang Liu for successfully completing all requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy with the thesis title Credit Portfolio Tranche Pricing: Credit Risk and Non-Credit Risks.

Past Completions

Mahmoud Agha, Investment, Dividends, Firm Performance and Managerial Incentives: Another Insight into the Value of Corporate Governance: November, 2008

Rayna Brown
, Efficiency, Regulation and Financial Distress: Mergers between Australian Credit Unions in the 1990s: March, 2004

En Te (John) Chen
, To Invest or not to Invest? Theory and Evidence on Stock Holdings over the Life-Cycle: March, 2006

Tuan Shew (Michael) Chng
, How Exchanges Compete: October, 2003

Kim Loong (Astro) Choo
, Information, Day Trading and Market Behavior: March, 2008

Kee-Kuan Foong
, Anatomy of Equity Markets Development and Economic Growth: November, 2002

Andre Gygax
, Learning Across Events and the Dynamics of Abnormal Returns: February,2002

Tariq Haque
, Leader Stocks, Follower Stocks and Switching Effects in the Australian Market: April, 2008

Sandra Jericevich
, Loan Contracting and the Credit Cycle: May, 2002

Chang Han Joo
, Value of Portfolio Theory: November, 2004

Hui (Michael) Li
, Investor Sentiment, Institutional Ownership, Executive Compensation, and Corporate Investment: October, 2008

Wai-Man (Raymond) Liu
, Monitoring and Limit Order Submission Risks: March, 2005

Iain Maclachlan
, An empirical study of corporate bond pricing with unobserved capital structure dynamics: July, 2007

Krishnan Maheswaran
, Some International Evidence on the Impact of Liquidity Constraints on Consumption Smoothing: June, 2005

Ian O'Connor
, The Empirical Distribution of Time to Maturity Volatility: with Application to Option Pricing and Trading: June, 2004

Piruna Polsiri
, The effects of concentrated ownership on firm restructurings: evidence from Thailand: April, 2004

Callum Scott
, Data Structure and Learning in Financial Markets: An Artificial Neural Network approach: March, 2004

Brett Shanahan
, Multi Dimensional Stochastic Volatility and its Application to Option Pricing: June, 2008

George Wong
, Risk aversion and conservatism:

Hong Feng (John) Zhang
, Shareholder Rights, Firm Performance and Information Flow: March, 2008