Completed topics 2010

Tan Khoa Duong, Do Mergers and Acquisitions in the banking industry create value? The case of Japan.
Supervisor(s):Dr Ian O'Connor

Marcus Joseph Guzzardi
, The Semi-Strong Efficiency of the Australian Thoroughbred Wagering Market: An Applied Test of Financial Theory
Supervisor(s):Dr Les Coleman

Yiying Han
, Bank regulation, supervision, disclosure and the bank profitability
Supervisor(s):Dr Rayna Brown

Felix Chin Pui Ko
, The Impact of Credit Event and Rating Actions on Implied Probability of Default
Supervisor(s):Dr Harry Scheule

Ying Li
, CEO Compensation and Spin Offs
Supervisor(s):Dr Qi Zeng

Alvin Liaw
, Net interest margins and risk factors: Evidence on US Commerical Banks
Supervisor(s):Dr Zhen Shi

Gregory Wiliam Lovell
, Share Purchase Plans, Rights Issues and Placements: Australian evidence on the determinants of equity insurance methods
Supervisor(s):Prof Rob Brown

Ran Lu
, Does international diversification really matter? - Empirical Analysis of A-REITs returns
Supervisor(s):Assoc Prof Greg Schwann

Lin Miao
, Price Performance of Initial Public Offerings Before and During the Global Financial Crisis Period - Evidence from Australia IPO Market: 1998 - 2009.
Supervisor(s):Dr Harald Scheule

Ian Cameron Mitchell
, An Insight into Calls of Convertible Bonds in a Dividend Poor, Information Rich Business Environment
Supervisor(s):Prof Bruce Grundy

Bo Pang
, Bank Wholesale Funding Costs and the Cash Rate in "Noughties"
Supervisor(s):Prof Kevin Davis

Kagnavy Sim
, Detecting False Financial Reports in U.S. Firms: Using Logistic Regression
Supervisor(s):Dr Bryan Lim

Yun Zhang
, Unexpected Crude Oil Price Shocks and Stock Return Predictability
Supervisor(s):Dr Liang Zhang