Completed topics 2008

Bashar Basmaji, An Analysis of Contagion in the Pacific Rim during the current credit crisis: A hierarchical approach
Supervisor(s): Assoc Prof Kim Sawyer

Yuen Tak Hong
, Rent-seeking in events of conflict: Evidence from the Iraq War of 2003
Supervisor(s): Assoc Prof Asjeet Lamba

Eric Lau
, Underwriter Reputation and IPO Underpricing in Japan: Analysis of Auctions and Book-Building Offers
Supervisor(s): Dr Qi Zeng

Jenjang Sri Lestari
, The Dividend Decision: Evidence from the Jakarta Stock Exchange
Supervisor(s): Prof Rob Brown

Jing Liao
, Financial and Macroeconomic Variables' Predictability in the Australian Market
Supervisor(s): Dr Jonathan Dark

Bin Liu
, The Integration Of Australian Real Estate Market and Stock Market
Supervisor(s): Dr Rayna Brown

Ping Liu
, The Relationship Between Reputable Investment Bank and Underwriter Quality of IPO in Australian Market
Supervisor(s): Assoc Prof Asjeet Lamba

Qian Liu
, The Price Response of REITs and Real Estate Stocks to Public Listing and Acquisition Announcements in Japanese Market
Supervisor(s): Dr Callum Scott

Geng Lv
, Do Mutual Fund Managers Possess Hot Hands? Evidence from the UK
Supervisor(s): Prof Rob Brown

Jack Mok
, How Equity Duration Impacts on the Cross Section of Realized Returns
Supervisor(s): Dr Ali Akyol

Jun Seong Park
, Convergence of International Financial Markets
Supervisor(s): Assoc Prof Greg Schwann

Hayden Haibel Qian
, Idiosyncratic Volatility and Cross-Section of Stock Returns: Australian Evidence
Supervisor(s): Dr Carsten Murawski

Aashna Rahman
, Trading Dynamics in the Gold Market: The Lead-Lag Relationship Between the Gold Spot and Futures
Supervisor(s): Dr Michael Ch'ng

Ahmed Imtiaz Shahriar
, Extending the VIX: Does and Industry-level Volatility Index Give Better Predictions of Future Returns?
Supervisor(s): Prof Paul Kofman

Henryk Adam Smyczynski
, Do Investors Believe that Airlines are Disadvantaged by Competitors Entering Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection?
Supervisor(s): Prof Paul Kofman

Shu Qing Tao
, Does Market Timing Affect Australian Firms' Capital Structure?
Supervisor(s): Dr Howard Chan

Fei Thomas Teng
, Benefits of Global Diversification - Modelling the Case for Australian Listed Property Trusts
Supervisor(s): Dr Callum Scott and Assoc Prof Greg Schwann

Thapheatra Than
, Remuneration Structure and Target CEO bargaining for bid premium in a friendly mergers: Evidence from "Mergers of Equals"
Supervisor(s): Dr Ali Akyol

Zheng Wang
, International Financial Integration: A Panel Analysis
Supervisor(s): Dr Ali Akyol

Wei Wei
, Can Discretionary Current Accruals Explain the Underperformance of Seasoned Equity Offerings in the Japanese Stock Market?
Supervisor(s): Assoc Prof Greg Schwann

Lan Xiang
, Long Memory and Efficiency Of the Foreign Exchange Market: An Empirical Study of Euro Exchange Rates
Supervisor(s): Prof Paul Kofman

Zhu Ying
, The Impact of Unit Seasoned Equity Offerings on the Underlying Stocks: Evidence from Australian Market
Supervisor(s): Dr Sean Pinder

Wu You
, Unsuccessful Acquisitions and Overconfident CEO's Subsequent Investment Decisions
Supervisor(s): Dr Chander Shekhar

Tao Zhang
, The Inflation Hedging Characteristics of A-REITs
Supervisor(s): Assoc Prof Greg Schwann

Yi Chao Zhu
, A Systematic Study of Relative Size Effect on Mergers and Acquisitions: from the Perspective of Multiple Acquirers
Supervisor(s): Dr Ali Akyol