Completed topics 2007

Tzu Chuan Ang, The Profitability of Momentum Investing After Transaction Costs: Australian Evidence
Supervisor(s): Prof Simon Wheatley

Li Cai
, An Empirical Investigation of IPO Returns and Subsequent Rights Issues in Australia
Supervisor(s): Dr Qi Zeng

Yinan Cai
, Does Insider Manipulation Exist Around Open Market Stock Repurchase Announcements?
Supervisor(s): Dr Qi Zeng

Yang Yang Chen
, Optionality and Determinants of Commodity Convenience Yields: An Australian Study
Supervisor(s): Assoc Prof Greg Schwann

Quoc Tuan Ho
, Momentum Effect in Australia: Stock Characteristics-Based & Firm Characteristics-Based Momentum Strategies
Supervisor(s): Dr Qi Zeng

Shuang Huang
, Does Dividend Catering Theory Work in Chinese Stock Markets?
Supervisor(s): Dr Xin Chang

Ahmad Fikri S Karimi
, Intangible Assets and the Likelihood to Repurchase Shares in the Australian Market
Supervisor(s): Assoc Prof Christine Brown

Xiaozhi Liao
, The Halloween Effect in Industry Sectors
Supervisor(s): Dr Sean Pinder

Xiao Jun Lin
, Mean reversion of industry indices in Australia
Supervisor(s): Prof Simon Wheatley

, Motivation for Buying back Shares in Australia
Supervisor(s): Assoc Prof John Handley

Fei Qiao
, The Usage of Derivatives & Financial Distress - A Study of gold Companies on the Australian Stock Exchange
Supervisor(s): Dr Les Coleman

Zheng Wu
, An Investigation into Debt Maturity Structure
Supervisor(s): Assoc Prof Christine Brown and Dr Xin Chang

Jing Jing Xie
, Which Ownership Structure Really Maximizes Shareholders' Wealth? The Case of Family Acquiring Firm Performance
Supervisor(s): Dr Les Coleman

Chao Yang
, Pricing ASX 200 Index Options Under A GARCH Stochastic Volatility Model
Supervisor(s): Assoc Prof John Handley