Completed topics 2011

Zong Hsien AW, Analysis of international diversification benefits: An Australian perspective

Michael Kevin BYRNE, Shopping when hungry - failed bids and subsequent takeover attempts

Joe CHAN, Don't do it -  reverse mergers revisited

Kwok Liang CHANG, Default strategy of Australian superannuation funds

Shaun COLLARD, Surprise interest rate movements and Australian industry stock portfolios

Huw CRITCHLEY, The effect of institutional factors on the term structure of Australian commonwealth government bonds

Yonatan CUKIERMAN, The effects of political uncertainty on stock prices

Chuan David GAO, Time varying short horizon return predictability: Australian evidence

Weifan GAO, A comparison between the performance of cross-border and domestic mergers and acquisitions: Evidence from Australian acquirers

Titus Edward GOH, Investor sentiment and cross-sectional predictability in the Australian stock market

Divya GOYAL, Does mud stick? Evidence from the labour market for corporate directors

Zachary HAINES, Economic consequences of proposed changes to the UK takeover code

Ryan Dong Ho HAN, Asset return predictability and investment horizon effect on risk: Australian evidence

Michael HARUT, Nobody knows you when you're down and out: Testing information diffusion and analyst abandonment in Australia

Magan HASSAN, Selective hedging in the Australian gold mining sector

Matthew HOCH, Classic cars: Price determinants and investment charactersitics

Samuel JAPARY, A test of Benjamin Graham's value investing strategies: The case of the Australian market

Edward LIEW, Testing a strategic role of debt in financing takeovers

Steve Cheng  LIU, Which is a better proxy for predicting volatility? A comparison of traditional measures and the range-based volatility: Evidence from Australia-US cross-listed firms

William Fong LU, Effect of banking market concentration and competition on banking risk

Jennifer LUI, The superior aftermarket performance of private equity-backed IPOs and its underlying drivers

William MacNAE, Domestic replication of foreign equity market returns

Aaron MAZUR, The sensitivity of optimal dynamic portfolios to parameter uncertainty and other factors

Brayden McCORMACK, Cash holdings and industry growth prospects

Stefan MENSSINK, Information processing and expectations in unstable environments

Shaoqing Louise, QI An empircal investigation of business cycle's impacts on post-takeover returns: Can recessions be good for acquiring company equity holders?

Nira SONAH, Does a Florida freeze increase orange juice price volatility?

Joshua TAN, Market reaction to substitute methods of making one-time cash distributions

Wei Yang Kelvin TAN, Mix evidence? An empirical test on the pecking order and market timing theory of capital structure when they disagree

Li Wynn TAN, The impact of industry environment on the announcement returns from divestitures: Evidence from Australia

Shiyun TANG, Why do firms hold cash? An empirical analysis of corporate cash holdings in Australia

Adrian Hsing TAY, Liquidity risk: Re-examining post-SEO (under) performance

Kin-On THAM, Multiple acquirers in merger waves

James WATSON, Markets or models? The forecasting and measurement of bank risk in Australia

Yanghui WU, The user cost of housing in Australia: Further evidence

Xia WU, Determinants of cash holdings and the value of cash in Australia

Mengdan XIE, What determines shareholder value in the Australian banking sector?

Catherine Zekun XU, Covenant violation, changes in governance, firm investment and risk

Lulu ZHU, The value of cash after 2008 global financial crisis

Yun ZHU, The impact of state foreclosure laws on the residential mortgage lending