Completed topics 2010

Xiang CAI, Ultimate Controller and Corporate Performance: Empirical Investigation of Chinese Listed Companies

Bella Sheung Yu CHAN, Executive Pay, Bank Performance and Risk: An Australian Study

Yun-Jiao CHEN, Do IPO Stocks Really Underperform? An Alternative Benchmark Approach

Nandita Marisa D’SOUZA, The Effects of Deregulation on an IPO Firm’s Acquisitions

Xinyao Bryce GAO, Does the background of CEOs matter? Evidence from Australia

Felix GOZALI, Venture Backed IPOs in the Dotcom Bubble

Claire HEEPS, Approaches to Microfinance: On what basis do Donors Allocate Capital?

Donovan JASPER, Institutional Shareholders and Earnings Management in the Australian Market

Tae Hyun Albert KIM, Bank Lines of Credit and Corporate Governance: An Empirical Analysis

JiaRui LI, An Empirical Investigation into CEO Compensation from M & As

Per MEGURO GULLBERG, The Announcement Effect of Rights Issues and Equity during a Financial Crisis: Evidence from Australia

Cheng Han NG, Primary and scrap metal casualty

Cheng Xun NG, The Asset Growth Effect on the Market Timing Theory and the Impact of Reacquisitions on the Performance of Withdrawn Bidders.

Joshua NG, The Interaction Between Firms’ Product Market Competition and Financing Strategies: The Role of Debt Maturity Choice

Kriss PACHAURI, What is the earnings management response of targets subject to friendly equity-financed acquisitions?

Nicholas RIPPER, Deconstructing the Hedging Premium: The ‘True’ Value of Commodity Risk Management

Christopher SCHODDE, Fact of fiction: Generating Abnormal Returns from Newspaper Stock Recommendations in Australia

Sivanesh SIVARAJAN, Market Assumptions about Governments as Investors: An empirical study of Government-controlled Financial Acquirer investment announcement effects of valuation

Douglas Yee Yao TAN, The Signalling Effect of Dividends and the Global Financial Crisis: Has the market changed the way it perceives dividend announcements as a result of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008?

Matthew TUNSTILL, Convenience Yields in the European Emission Trading Scheme: Are they just hot air?

Yao Wilson WANG, An Empirical Investigation of the Post-Merger Performance of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies

Anna ZHANG, The Market Reaction to the Prolonged Short Selling Ban in Australia

Mengyu ZHOU, An Investigation into the Performance of Dynamic Macro-Hedging

Xin ZHOU, Australia CEO’s risk-taking behaviours and the GFC